1. When you doing any purchase from our website, you automatically agree these Terms of Service.

2. When you doing a purchase from our website, you have to create an account to give us access in your PTC website and than we can doing our work.

You are responsible if you don't know how to create an account !!!

3. For each purchase from our Website, we contact you in less than 24h.

4. We have to complete our mission for the service that you paid, and we listen to all your questions.

5. Facebook Services: 

5.1 : When you doing purchasing, you have to send us your page facebook with the complete url.

5.2 : For any purchase, you will receive in less than 24h some visits for your page.

5.3 : As we already marked in our pricing page, we will contact you ASAP in less than 24h.

5.4 : When you doing a purchase of your package facebook, you will receive All your "Likes" Between 5 days to 30 days maximum.

6. We offer several means of communication, either via private messages buxhost, our gmail contact: josefhelpp@gmail.com, or our contact skype: josefhelpp

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